Colours Fade

Colours Fade

My wonderful granny Eve passed away in January 2021, after a few week battle with Covid.

The last time I saw my granny I went to visit her at home. After reading her ‘The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse’, she asked me what I was up to. I replied saying I was still making films but was also focusing on my biggest passion, songwriting and music.

She asked me to play her something, so I got my guitar out of the car and did so. ‘Oh wow that’s lovely’ she said ‘you must do more of this’.

2 seconds later my granny asked me what I was up to (she had short term memory loss). I replied with the same amount of energy that I did the first time and then she asked me to play her something.

‘Funnily enough granny, I have my guitar right here’. So I played her the same song again... and again.

It was a beautiful opportunity to just spend time with her and each time I gave the conversation my full attention and presence... knowing that each time for her it was like the first time we were having it.

I was so moved by the experience that after I said goodbye I sat in her living room and wrote a song about her called ‘Colours Fade’. It was written out of pure emotion realising that my granny is nearing the end of her life.

I have put so much time into honing my musical craft in the last few years, but something has been holding me back from releasing anything. In a way I feel that putting this song out when I did, was not only a wonderful celebration of my granny’s life but also her way of giving me one final encouragement to live life to its fullest and just get on and do and share what I love.

I see my job as an artist to share my experiences and insights of life in a way that gives others the licence to feel their own ❤️ For those of you that have also lost ones you love at this time, my thoughts are with you and hope that you find some catharsis in ‘Colours Fade’.

All love,

Sam x

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