It's Cool To Be Kind

It's Cool To Be Kind

'It’s Cool To Be Kind' is a song that I’m incredibly passionate about. If there is anything that I think is of the upmost importance to the world at the moment, it’s for people to act with more kindness.


As a father of two, it’s one of the values I most want to instil in my children and the song came about following a conversation I had with them about being kind to other people and that being kind is one of the coolest things you can do.

I sat in the studio with my producer, David King, and we had a long conversation about my passion for the world and what I wanted to achieve in my lifetime. We discussed that one of my main missions in life is to make the world a kinder place to live – for humans and all living creatures – and so ‘It’s Cool To Be Kind’ was born. Interwoven throughout the lyrics is my own personal journey, based on my belief that people only cause the amount of harm from the amount of hurt they’ve felt in their life and actually to be kind to ourselves and each other, we have to all embrace the ups and downs that have brought us to this stage in our lives. Being kind to other people starts with being kind to ourselves. When we stop judging ourselves, we stop judging other people and that opens up our ability to live our life in a much more intimate way.

'It’s Cool To Be Kind' musically has aspects of folk and pop and is underpinned by a powerful narrative and as the song progresses, it builds a marching drum which is in a way a call to action for people to live with more kindness and as the song title suggests, just the song being the song in itself, will hopefully spread a more positive message in the world. It's been a joy to create and wonderful to hear my children and their friends singing the song on the way into school.

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